Amazon Fire Phone

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On this episode Chris and David have an interesting discussion over the release of the  new Amazon Fire phone, what it means for us app developers and publishers and whether you should seriously consider going on the Amazon store.  Listen in as we talked about:

  • Amazon Fire Phone’s cool new features
  • Implications of Amazon entering the market with their own phone
  • Possible opportunities for app developers and publishers to enter the Amazon app store


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Chris: Hi and welcome to another episode of the App Business Podcast. Chris Chidgey here joined by David Pfahler. What’s up David?


David: Hey great to be back.


Chris: Yeah were just saying it seems like that was a long week where it’s been a while since we recorded  an episode. I might as well make this disclaimer now. Columbia’s playing in the World Cup today, like right now. Started about 15 minutes ago and so there’s people honking horns and screaming and blowing those little bazobaloos or whatever they’re called. So were just gonna rock on through the podcast and life happens. So life’s happening here.


David: In the background, yeah.


Chris: In the background, yeah. Were not watching it here. And David was just asking what the Columbian girlfriend, how do you get her to not watch it? But we’ve Americanized her pretty well.


David: So you’re not so crazy about soccer anymore as Americans?


Chris: Yeah, no but I watched and it’s fun to watch but I swear I don’t even know what’s going on half the time. But yeah the USA won, so that was cool. And Columbia’s gonna go in that steady so I think nine people died on Saturday from the Columbia when so yeah they take it… yeah it’s a little crazy.


Okay enough of the side banter that’s what’s going on in the background if you hear it. David and I had an interesting topic today. It’s definitely in the news and in fact it’s not even out yet. It’s gonna be release June 25th. So I think this episode is going to be released the day after Amazon releases the new smart phone. But we wanted to talk about the implications of Amazon entering the market with their own phone. They’ve already done that into the tablet market with some success. And there’s some advantages and opportunities for us. So we wanna dig in to that a little bit.


David: Right.


Chris: You know David, we need to read a review. Come to think of it. Were all over the place this morning coz we’ve gotta couple distractions but we might as well hit that up. In fact we had a pretty nice review here that I saw yesterday. Alright, oh it’s from Germany. It’s from your land, bliss land. “If you’re thinking to go into mobile app space and don’t know where to begin with, just subscribed to this one. It will bring you the rest. Shares great insights and very authentic. Keep it up.”


David: Whose that?


Chris: Ah, bittermelon?


David: Yeah that’s Richel. I met him in Munich. He told me he would leave a review. So thank you very much.


Chris: Yeah.


David: I knew you’d thought about that. As you said German, I said we couldn’t that have that many fans in Germany.


Chris: The authentic thing is cool to hear because I feel like that’s something David and I really try to focus on is we wanted to be educated on what were talking about but we don’t wanna script it and we don’t wanna sales a guy. And if you joined the Facebook group then you know were all just trying to have conversations in there and help each other out. And that’s really, like David and I have a podcast but at the end of the day were all just trying to help each other out and figure stuff out. So it’s nice to hear that people are resonating with us talking coz that’s the whole point. We just want to have a marketer/publisher conversation with a developer and see where that takes us. And so far it’s been really, I mean were on episode almost 50 I think. So it’s been really fun. Been really awesome.
David: Yeah and while were talking about, sharing and interacting with the listeners, I wanna give a shoutout to the Facebook group and all the members in there. I think were close to 50 members now. And I get so much out of this group. I mean daily, there’s some new questions being posted and people comment on the questions, not us but other listeners and us of course as well. But it’s so good to see and so useful and I feel like a lot of people are getting something out of that group. So check it out. and there’s a big blue button where you can go to the Facebook group. So I really like it. I do enjoy it and just want to take this moment, say thanks to the members of that group.


Chris: Yeah and it is close. So everything in there is just between us and then if were ever in the position, I’ve seen this in other groups where someone comes in. It’s like oh please rate my app or trade app reviews or buy my re-skinning code. We haven’t said any ground rules for the Facebook group and we thought maybe that would be dangerous to do that. Like not setup what were thinking but it’s been, it worked and maybe when there’s 200 members, maybe there’ll be problems but so far it’s just 50 people talking to each other which has been really great. You can go to Facebook and type in app business podcast I think. But I think for me, maybe it shows up coz I’m already a member, I don’t know. But that’s another way to find it. Yeah so I agree with you David, that is a good spot for us.


Okay, so we wanted to dig in to the Amazon phone. This has been rumored for some time and more than rumors it’s been like on the Calendar like oh they’re gonna announce it in three weeks and everything. And some of the things like oh it’s gonna have a 3D viewer or recognize 3D. Like basically recognize your head and stuff. But I think there’s other more interesting things that are about this phone. So David how do you wanna do it? Do you wanna talk about the features or you wanna just go from like what interests you top to bottom or how do you wanna handle it?


David: All over the place I guess. Yeah let’s keep it conversation authentic. So I know you said right before we hit record that you don’t have a complete manifested opinion on this yet and it’s gonna be real conversation and I’m looking forward to that. You know for me I mean it’s kind of gimicky and nice that there’s a 3D sensor in there. So they’re using infrared cameras on the front of the phone to track your head and can give you the perception of some 3 dimensional nest inside your phone. So basically you know looking, going a little bit to the left or to the right with your head while keeping the position of the phone. You will be able to peek under certain elements or something like that. And of course gives you a significant advantage when you want to design intuitive UI’s because basically just by random movements, people will discover things lying on top of each other in your user interface inside an app. And so that can be for the user interface,that can be a nice evolution. It’s certainly know revolution.


Chris: Right. That’s a good way to say that.


David: It will give you some more ways to express intent in an app and something like that. Though I think it’s a lot of technology for maybe not so much game but it’ cool, it’s cool that we have it in there. I’m not sure how good it’s on the battery but we’ll see again. I mean it’s not our key yet so we’ll have to wait for some real views. But generally, I think this feature is worth mentioning and it is quite cool. And as developers, you can use it for some quite intuitive user interfaces.


Chris: So question for you about that. Part of the Amazon phone is I saw a joke in the comments of one of this articles where it was, they should call it the “Buy Phone” instead of the iPhone because it really is a device that help you find things in the real world on Amazon and buy. And the 3D sensoring help the phone or help the device identify products in the real world or are those two separate things?


David: Yeah those are separate features.


Chris: Okay.


David: So as far as I understand it, I mean I haven’t had it in my hands yet but from you have seen from Amazon there’s I think two cameras in the front. And those are infrared cameras and that’s why they work in the dark as well. That’s quite an engineering idea but that flex your head and allows you to get the impression of some 3D effects on your 2D screen on your phone. Independent from that is a service called Firefly and I don’t know what sensors they all use. They certainly use the camera, maybe other senses as well but they recognize stuff in the real world. So I’m sure they used sound as well and so if you activate this Firefly service and your phone is listening to the surroundings and of course it’s serving the camera and so it recognizes something. It can be a song, it can be a movie, it can be a real world product like a tshirt, book, something like that. It can recognize it and it can say okay this is the item I’ve recognized and I want to buy it. And as your Amazon phone is link to your Amazon Prime account, when it ships, you don’t even have to enter your credentials. You can just use this and buy things that you find in real world and you can imagine how happy the retailers are about that.


Chris: Yeah. Retailers meaning the people with the shops, right? They’re just turning into showcases more and more. Okay so before we talked about that coz I think frankly that’s probably the number one feature of the phone. Or we could call it a phone but I mean really it’s like a device, right? Or something. Something other than a phone. The phone is like the fifth feature.


David: Yeah for me it’s everything that can also, you know has UMTS or GSM in there but it’s really not the distinct feature anymore, right? But it’s interesting that they make the distinction, right? Amazon has been in the market of touch devices for sometime and it’s interesting that they started with a reading device or with a tablet device, tablet size device. And now they’re going into the phone market.


Chris: Going backwards substantially.


David: That’s interesting when you watch both Google and Apple. I mean Apple started with the iPhone and because it couldn’t make the iPad essentially. And then they made the iPad and Google followed suit. They started with the G1 phone and later came tablets which weren’t even you know didn’t even have a real OS at the time optimize for tablets. So those two big companies come in from the small screen to the big screen and Amazon is going the other way around.


Chris: Okay question, do you have either of those devices? A fire tablet or a Kindle?


David: Yeah I had a Kindle. Unfortunately it broke some months ago and the fact that I don’t have one anymore does tell you that I didn’t really use it a lot. I love it when I used it but first of all I’m just not really a reader. I’m more like a podcast and audiobook listener. That’s more my thing is listening. And also this was so old school from 20 something but when I do read a book, I really want to make all my notes and mark and do stuff with it. And I don’t know, I kind of still prefer having highlighter and some paper.


Chris: You know what? Convinced me, what turned me to the Kindle was when I started this entrepreneur adventure where I left the job and left United States and just committed a 100% to this thing. My life got a lot simpler. You know I was a guy who owned, I mean at the time houses, but let’s just say I live in one big house and had a bunch or crap. You know two snow boards and a cycle and da..da..da.. four guitars and all this stuff. And when you start moving around, you don’t need all that crap. And I also have a ton of books. And when I did this, I donated them all to the library. But I had like, 8 boxes of books and I used to love books, love them. You know they’re like wine labels, so like pieces of art, right? They’re all every book design and everything that just colors up the room and I just love the feel and now I’m just hooked on Kindle because I don’t log around a lot of things in my life right now. But I’ll be reading a regular book, a physical book and I don’t have the thing where I can click on the word and get the definition. And little things like that where I noticed, oh I’m missing my Kindle and I never thought. I thought I was gonna be the last guy to buy Kindle. And I went to Ecuador like 2 1/2 years ago as like the kick-off to this whole thing and bought a Kindle for that. And I’ve been addicted ever since. So I’m on my second Kindle. I’ve got the paper white. I don’t have a Fire so I’ve never used an Android device, Amazon-Android thing, device, but I’m a big like, people are Google fans or Android fans or Apple fan boys, I’m like an Amazon guy. I love Amazon. And I love the idea, like I’ll go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and it’s not that I don’t mind spending the extra couple of bucks to get the physical book even like let’s say I was visiting my folks in the States, and get the actual book but what I missed is the reviews. And I think what Amazon has is a huge review database which makes them very valuable. But so I would sit there in Borders and look up at the books on Amazon to see if it was worth buying or not. And a lot of the times it could all be 5 star reviews but the reviews are lame so I won’t buy it. They shed some light better than just publisher’s choice or some crap that Barne’s and Noble slaps on it. So yeah this is like now I can buy something in 30 seconds and I can’t get Amazon Prime in Columbia but in New Zealand where I’m heading, you can. It’s one of the few countries that has it outside the United States. But so I’m totally Amazon Prime guy and yeah I think I’ll be one of the early adaptors for this phone partly because, I think you and I need to talk about do we make, build a business app or what we call it , macromania on available on the Amazon app store. And I would think for sure we do. I just don’t know what that entails coz I’ve never really set up on Amazon, for Amazon yet. So we have some learning to do here but this is kind of the impetus like okay this is gonna be worth the effort. Whether this phone takes off or not, this is a version 1 or a generation 1. Amazon usually doesn’t get into things to get out of them, they invest for the long term. So we’ll see what comes of this. But being linked, okay that was a huge diversion to say.


David: Yeah but it’s important because you have to view this release in the grand scheme and grand strategy of Amazon. And as I said, they come from first introducing Kindle and then a tablet and they also come from providing the world’s most relied upon web services. Like Amazon web services, something that you know, I don’t know, every second startup is using and so they really know their services. And they really know how to get the cloud going and that’s one of the major features that comes with their phone is that you have unlimited cloud storage for your photos. And this thing has a gorgeous camera apparently and you know that’s a major feature. And so there’s much much more going on there than just a device where you can look at the specs and you know it has 3D and whatever. This is integrated in ecosystem much like Apple but very different than Apple. So it’s a real offering that comes with the entire, with this performance not just the device. Right?


Chris: Right. You know one of the articles or I think Best Apps was saying, “this phone is for Amazon Prime customers” , which I am. And guess what I’m a Prime customer and I want this phone. He’s right. If you have access to Prime Music Library and then Pandora and the other things that puts on the device and Amazon Prime shipping. All this things, the movie library, Amazon Prime is dope. It’s 80 bucks I think for all this videos. It’s like a Netflix plus all this music plus free one day or two day shipping. It’s really a great thing. I think I’ve been a member for three years. Like for instance, I will try to play Apple Radio on my iPhone here in the house and I don’t even understand how it works, like it only plays the first 15 seconds of the song and I just don’t even get what it’s doing. What is this thing? With Amazon, it’s like add to the library play. Okay, cool. So were already adding stuff to our library and playing it. Recognizing all the CD’s I bought or digital music I bought before. I mean I think it’s got Apple beat already and were talking iTunes, you know. So I don’t know. I’m a big fan of Amazon. Unfortunately they’re valuation is like their multiples is like 60 to 1 or something. But so it’s a very expensive stock but they do Prime very well. And I think they do it better than Apple. You know better than their movie.


David: Yeah very much. And you can’t discount the fact that they are also selling real goods and Apple is not. And that’s like the ultimate hardware company, right? They only sell hardware and even the most simple one, right? So the thing is that the phone cost only $199 and for that kind of technology, that’s really cheap phone. So I think that they are not making a profit with that phone and they don’t want to. And that’s typical Amazon strategy. They don’t make much profit at all because they keep reinvesting everything they have into gaining market share and into gaining strength. Like a real hold in the market. And here they can use that phone to bring people, like to give Prime customers even more value but also to give people an incentive to go Prime.


Chris: Right, absolutely.


David: Where they are with that phone, maybe people just buy it because it’s cheap and then they buy a phone, it’s a good phone. It’s not just a cheap phone, it’s a good phone as well. You know it’s still all theory but that’s what I think Amazon is doing. And then they will immediately see the value in getting prime just for that device and then they get Prime and then they get all the good features for that device but then they realized there’s all the other good features of Prime and then they will keep buying stuff on Amazon. And so it keeps going inside this ecosystem and I think it’s a really good concept from Amazon. Like they can really dominate this if they played right.


Chris: So for mobile app publishers or developers. What do you think the impact is being able to order goods right from the device. What do you think that it does for affiliate marketing ads. Things like that where you could build apps just for instant Amazon purchases? I mean not just for but that evolve.


David: We have no idea how they’ll implement it. What API’s they have but I mean it’s pretty, there are some pretty obvious things that make a ton of sense, right? So you’re looking at, I don’t know, a pair of Nike shoes and using the Firely and it’s so obvious that someone would want to pay namely Adidas or Puma would pay in that instant to display an ad to buy their shoes and not those shoes. Right? So how much more could be incentivized as an advertiser to pay for an ad placement other in that instant. So there’s gonna be around that concept, there’s gonna be so much value in advertisement and I’m really curious how they will implement or whether they will implement something like this. But it’s a pretty obvious thing.


Chris: It takes native ads to the next level where you integrate the ad to the user experience and then they can interact, they can take action on the ad, like right there. So when you say we don’t know what it is, coz we don’t know if they’ll open it, gonna open up and their API’s. Is that just because you and I aren’t involve in Amazon from a mobile publisher perspective and they probably do have that which is aren’t signed up to their developer accounts?


David: I don’t think so because Firefly is just something new and nobody really knows how it will play out. Maybe we can get an expert on the podcast here or get to comment someone on But I really think that this is something that is not figured out yet. And so far, I mean it’s just from a strategy standpoint it makes more sense for Amazon to just put this on the phone now and it doesn’t interact with you at all. It just gives you really good value, really good information. But you know, maybe 1, 2, 3 phones from now, iterations from now, they will slowly introduce something like this.


Chris: Yeah.


David: They will not have this from the beginning because it will be bad press but the will slowly introduce something. That’s my guess at least.


Chris: Even for something like Macromania, right? A very simple, this is probably not a great example but you’re playing Macromania and we could have a popup that says playing Macromania with real Macaroons, and we have a link to the Amazon store where they could, or a but it now button that you gotta bought some Macaroons. Like there’s so many cleaner integrations, yes. So I’ve made a note to look for an Amazon expert and I made a note to signed up for an Amazon developer account. And honestly I’m a little bit embarrased that we have this podcast and I have a hundred apps and I new to Android and I’ve made that pretty clear on a lot of this episodes, but the fact that I’m not involved in Amazon at all. Like I don’t have, I have no Amazon developer account. I didn’t know what, how the store looks like anything, that’s pretty bad. So another benefit of the podcast is get our butts and gears, so that’s a good example. So I’ll sign up for an Amazon account and then we’ll see how it impacts our Macromania game.


David: Sure.


Chris: And we can share those thoughts with the listeners.


David: Well but the reason is that as good as Amazon is technically, they still don’t have a large user base. So I mean with that caveat, it’s obvious why we haven’t spend a lot of time in that ecosystem. But because it’s just starting to grow. But looking at this things, it’s a bet. So regarding the question like how does this impact the publishers or the developers. Should they consider this a platform to invest in? It’s a bet, nobody knows. And that’s why it’s a really really big opportunity. If you invest in this now and it grows and explodes, then you will have made it absolutely right there. If not, you will have lost the resources you put into going to that platform.


Chris: So let’s answer those two questions. One, being an early adaptor there’s less competition in the app store. So the earlier you are to the game, the better because you have less competition. And you have a better understanding, right? So you get better at it, ahead of other people and you have less competition early on. But then the second part of your statement is then you lost that time and resources. This is where I have no idea. How, besides for signing up for a developer account and doing all the publishing stuff like the name and description and screenshots, what does it entail getting something ready for Amazon? Is it just resizing things for their devices or is their some bigger code impacts?


David: Well, I think again we should get an expert on or at least a developer on and who does this regularly as well because I haven’t done much of that at all and because I’m coming from the web background. I just know that I can use something like PhoneGap to bring it to the Amazon marketplace. So for me, it’s not something I need to think about. For a native developers, you know that’s something that they absolutely have to think about. I know that there is, it’s an Android core so it’s better that you could reuse your Android code. But they cannot used the Google API so they need to replace that. And so I don’t know how that works out in the end for the developer. I just don’t know also, we have to get an expert on.


Chris: This is where having Macromania being a living breathing project. And we can just kind of test this live and I think the Columbians just scored, everyone’s going nuts around here. It should really, you can read and all this stuff but firsthand experience and practice is really beneficial. So we’ll wade into those waters and see what we find and then share with the community. But yeah, I mean, I don’t know about you David but I think this something where if it’s not a huge additional investment, it’s worth putting our toe in and seeing what’s it for. Bezos or actually the guy who manages the developer community or something like that, maybe it’s the marketing arm of the developer community or the store, Amazon app store. Was talking about how, of course he had quotes from happy developers but they make more money per users serve than on iOS which was interesting stat. I mean that’s a very very antidotal. It’s like on guy saying that. But like I haven’t seen any macro numbers on how where Amazon monetizes per user but is really a great equalizer because we know it’s gonna be smaller overall just because their market share is so much smaller. But if it’s high per user, then it might make up some of those differences. So as far as I know there’s not a lot of stats there. And we read a lot of information on all this stuff. Bu maybe we can, you know we can provide our test case study and see what happens here.

David: Yes. So the revenue per app is actually really high on Amazon app store. But I think we’ll benefit from having some first hand experience rather than looking at data or at anecdotal evidence.


Chris: Yeah and this is just another reminder between what Android and Samsung and what they’re doing is worth watching, right. And that is there’s still tons of opportunities on Android coz we just don’t know. At least I don’t know really like the secret juice to monetize in there, unless it’s games from Japan and China. But you know iOS 8 provides a ton of new opportunities for us. Now Amazon’s got opportunities, that just reminds me how smart and lucky we are to be in this sport where there’s just new opportunities every three months to go and build a real business. This is just another opportunity. Is this somewhere where you wanna take your business? And it sounds like David and I are gonna move our little small business of one app in that direction.


David: Again that’s why you want to think about this in the beginning. It’s not like you start out with an idea and then you create it for iOS and then you suddenly realized you want to be on the other platforms. That’s a really bad spot to be and you really want..


Chris: It’s expensive and takes time., right.


David: Yeah. And you want to think about your business model in the beginning and that includes market research. And market research includes where you want to be. And so that influence a search voice of technology and so you know as I have said before were using web technology under the hood so we can quickly migrate to other platforms really easily. So that’s something that we can do.


Chris: Alright. Sorry just looked it up. Amazon Prime has 10 million members as of 2013, what is that, about a year ago? Marc 11, 2013. So I don’t know. There’s more recent data I’m sure. But at least 10 million members. And I’m an Amazon Prime. I’m one of those 10 million. And I would be a guy who would move to this phone. So again that’s a case study. You know, that’s a, what’s it called? A user group of one, not a user group, I can’t take word, but of one. So there’s 1 person here saying that.


David: Sample size, yeah.


Chris: Sample size. Thank you. Sample size of one, but I’m guessing, you know Amazon does pretty well with their Prime customers. They over delivered. And if this phone isn’t another over delivery, then your’re gonna have a lot of people. Maybe they wont cancel their subscriptions to iPhone and AT&T and move right away but when their 2 year cycle is up, you know that could be a move for them. And that’s ten million people. And you know again, that’s small in the overall multiple billions of people with smartphones or what is it? One billion people with smart phones? But that’s ten million people that you can market to in a small store. So again, we didn’t know we were gonna talk about going into this? As we talk through it, it makes sense. Like this seems like an opportunity for a game and app like what you and I are creating. Like this would be our market. The older than 25, not hardcore gamer, first person shooter type person. But someone like you know, likes this kind of economics games. That’s probably got a similar user base to Prime membership, like similar profile.


David: Right. And by the way, this is like live, us figuring out where to go and what a good strategy move would be, but I think that’s what’s cool about the podcast. If we can do that. Another thing is that, talking about anecdotal evidence, I know that my girlfriend and I as well were very unhappy with Amazon Prime when they increased the price. And basically sad well, but now you’re going to get this free video streaming things like you said, a Netflix kind of thing. And we have that in Germany too now. And you know the first reaction of course was prize increase bad, but now I notice that my girlfriend is watching a lot of video content on her phone. I was asking her like, “what are you doing”? “Well I was watching this series” and I will say, “how do you watch that?” Actually because I know she’s not the technical. So she said well I have Amazon Prime, so I’m watching all this series on Prime. And now she’s super happy and she was actually talking like, yeah you know when I was at first pretty unhappy with that, but now using it all the time. So she’s totally happy. And that’s how Amazon can, with over delivering can slowly but surely move people into this ecosystem where at first we only bought it for getting the free shipping and the premium shipping just for the hard goods. But then they kind of forced us into this video streaming thing which we really didn’t want in the first place. But now she’s using it like crazy and she’s totally happy with it. So Amazon really knows how to drive people into their ecosystem and make them happy at the same time. It’s a little scary but I guess in the end it’s good for the user.


Chris: Yeah. I heard Mark Cuban on one of the, maybe it’s one of the sharp things or an interview or something. He said “look I hate shopping and I buy everything from Amazon.” And I’m kind of the same way. When I was living in the States. You know I could be three blocks away from the department store and I’d be like , nah I would just wait two days.


David: Yeah.


Chris: You know your choice is unlimited, you get ratings from thousands of users. Something as simple as a scale or a blender or a toaster, you know whatever. You’re gonna get the cheapest price, free shipping and all this reviews so you can get an idea if it’s quality or not. Unlimited selection. I’m not the guy whose saying oh it’s the end of Walmart and Target, the two big retailers out here for those kinds of household goods. But I mean, they got to be feeling a ton of pressure because I’m one of this guys that doesn’t buy anything unless it’s from Amazon. Books, music, movies, everything is Amazon. So I mean I’m obviously one of this guys who is super Amazon Prime fan boy or whatever. A Primer? We need a name for that. But I could see more and more people getting in, testing the water going oh my gosh, this is so much better than dealing with parking or crowds or returns, all this crap. They just make it so easy. Yeah I’m a super big believer. I’m actually surprised, 10 million seems low. That seems like a low number.


David: We keep going back to this ecosystem thing and it seems like the phone, that’s the biggest feature is the integration in that ecosystem. One of the biggest things of course their is the Firefly feature where it’s kind of a cliche. But you know there’s this moment where you complement someone and said, hey that’s a great dress that you wear or whatever. Like where did you get that? And basically Firefly is answering that question for you and you can immediately order that dress if you really want to. So you know it’s kind of a cliche of course but whenever you see something and you say, hey that’s great, I wanna buy it. Impulse buying, you know buying impulse right there. You can just act on it. You can just go, okay bought it, Amazon Prime there it is. A day later, it’s there.


Chris: There’s like a whole series of apps that could only work for this phone. You know what I mean? So I don’t know if they’re gonna allow other phones to use Firefly because it’s still to their benefit I would think.


David: If they do, that’s gonna be huge. Just the recognition of it, being able to tell you what the object is that you’re looking at. If you can tap into that API, oh my gosh. So much possibilities. And it’s not like it’s not possible right now. It’s just that, it’s an entire company on it’s own just doing that Firefly thing. And so now as an indie developer, you could tap into so were gonna stay on top of this and see what we can do with it.


Chris: Yup. I think this is gonna be cool. I don’t know if you heard all that yelling but here in Colombia, Bogota, there’s nowhere to hide where it’s quiet. I swear. They’res just people honking and car alarms and cheering everywhere. I think the podcast is gonna have a total quieter feel when I move to New Zealand. But what else do we wanna hit up about this? I mean I think this is a pretty good discussion. I kind of have a better idea just through talking through this. Sometimes that really just helps is talking through it. What I think our direction would be or with my portfolio alone, you know. I mean I think those are the big things. This is gonna air, I think next Thursday so June 25th is Wednesday when this thing’s gonna be announced. You can pre-order now. But you know they’ll be more coverage probably the day this comes out. This will be a timely episode.


David: Well I think one more thing that’s really huge with that is that you get a prime music that we talked about that.


Chris: A little bit.


David: See we get a free streaming of over 1 million songs and theres no ads. So again that’s pretty convincing that you want to be in that universe.


Chris: We played with this for the first time yesterday and I was asking my, you know Martha. What album do you wanna hear? Just name one, like were trying to get out of our normal. We have records and stuff but whats something we wouldn’t normally listen to and let’s find it. And so we started listening to some Neil Young and they’ve got like ten free Neil Young albums. So there’s just tons of stuff. I mean it’s limited, like it’s not, I type in Red Hot Chili Peppers and they only had like orchestra covers of them. None of the real albums. But you know it’s gonna get better. This is how it started with movies and movies is gotten a lot better. Toward now they’re starting their own content. So this is like what we called Prime Music. So it’s already better than Apple as far as I’m concerned. But yeah it’s gonna get a lot lot better. Coz that’s what they do. They get a lot. Amazon’s good at this kind of stuff.


David: Yeah. So I just realized I missed one of the slides here. So there is a Firefly SDK. So that’s gonna be huge. I mean there’s text recognizers, audio, images, content databases. Wow.  That’s pretty huge man.


Chris: Well it’s a potential for smart app publishers and developers or networks. You know service providers and stuff to monetize their apps in insanely new creative ways.


David: Well also if you want to talk about games again. Because that’s I think what a lot of our listeners are also working on. If you want to infer have a game that’s interactive with your real world, that’s the way to do it, right? You can basically have a game that says, you know get a book.


Chris: Find a green apple. You’ll find a green apple.


David: Right. And you just walk around and you’ll find it and you get some reward or whatever. I mean that’s pretty stupid and simple but you get the point. So you can do prett huge things.


Chris: Okay lets get Macromania out and five of it’s brothers and sisters out so we can like take it to the next level coz there’s so many things we can do. Very very exciting. And you could say upgrade and buy a checkbook to make your finances better in the game or take a picture of a checkbook.


David: Yeah.


Chris: You know what I mean? There’s all sorts of interactive cool stuff we can do.


David: Yeah and 6-12 months from now, all the platforms will have something like this because they, Apple and Google, they won’t let Amazon get a way with that.


Chris: Competition is good, my friend.


David: Very good. Yeah.


Chris: I think that’s it. Yeah?


David: I think so too.


Chris: Good. Thanks for the feedback on the longer conversations. Sometimes we feel like we should rush through it. But I think as long as we are talking on subject and not getting too distracted, I think that we prefer the longer form as well. Just because it allows us to kind of what we’re doing, riff on the subject and maybe create some new thoughts and spark some new thoughts in your heads. So appreciate that feedback and yeah I that’s it.

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