iOS 9 Adblock – what ad blocking in iOS really means

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In this episode of the App Business Podcast, Andrew and Chris discuss one of iOS 9’s new “features“, adblocking, and the expected impact to content producers, publishers and mobile apps.

The ad blocking Revolution

Safari Content Blocking in iOS 9

Ad Blocking in iOS 9

The story is of ads on the web is essentially:

  • websites are being inundated with ad tech (ads + ad tracking like retargeting pixels, scripts and more)
  • Adblock reaches 150m users
  • Apple is a hardware/software ecosystem/ user experience company (unlike Google and FB that are data and ultimately ad based)
  • Maybe a lot of this stems from the equation “exposure = familiarity = sales”.  Advertisers don’t care about disrupting UX because they just want exposure = sales.
  • Regarding the ethics of blocking ads, “any argument that tries to put a moral dam in front of a technological river is doomed”
  • Safari represents 25% of mobile web traffic, so an iOS adblock could have significant impact on publishers

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