App Business News – 1 Feb 2016

Mobile App News

Huge news this week with the announce that Parse is to shut down on January 28, 2017! Download the entire episode now to listen to our thoughts on the announcement plus lots more.

Here’s a quick look at the app business news items we covered this week:


  • There could be a new 4 inch iphone coming in March

If this rumor is true it means developers will have to continue to support 4 inch screens indefinitely.


  • iPhone sales slowing drastically according to analysts

A few interesting points from this article:

Apple sold 75.5m iphone in the October-December quarter, a 1.3% increase over previous year. Slowest previous quarterly growth was 6.8% in 2013.

Apple reported a quarterly profit of $18.4 billion, the largest in history.

But the company predicted revenue will decline next quarter, its first drop in years.

  • Parse is shutting down!

Unbelievably, Parse have announced that they will retire all services from January 28, 2017.

They are offering a database migration service to move from parse to any Mongo DB database + ‘Parse Server’, which lets you use the Parse API on your own node.js server.

ABP listener Reinder de Vries wrote a killer guide to migrating from to MongoDB on Heroku.


  • Facebook audience network now for Mobile web.

Previously, the Audience Network was Facebook’s in-app advertising network. Now they are expanding into the mobile web. Is desktop web next?

  • Paid content in Apple News App?

 It seems that Apple will allow paywalls inside it’s news app. That means that companies like the NY Times will be able to offer free content + subscription only content inside the news app.

  • Facebook expanding “Live” (sharing live videos)

Facebook’s live video streaming technology is being rolled out to all users, starting with the USA.

  • McDonalds had 7 mil downloads of McD coupon app in 1st 3 mths:

A great demonstration of how a mobile app can directly increase revenue for companies.


  • Paypal Announces Venmo will be available for in-app purchases:

Venmo is a payment processing service that lets you quickly make purchases in apps using payment info stored by Venmo. It’s similar to Apple Pay and now a direct competitor.


  • Facebook shows impressive MAU and DAU numbers.  More than 90% of users access FB through mobile at some time, and 50% only ever use FB on mobile


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