App Business News – 14 Dec 2015

Mobile App News

This week in our live app business news roundup we talk about the best apps of 2015, the struggle for developers on the Apple TV, mobile advertising and much more.

Here’s a quick overview of the mobile app news items we covered:

  • Apple announces best iOS apps of 2015

Apple released their annual list of editors choice apps plus the most downloaded apps for iPhone and iPad.

The top app for 2015, as decided by Apple was Periscope. Tune in to the episode to hear the other apps that got a mention


  • Deloitte Release Data From Their Global Mobile Survey

Some interesting points highlighted by the survey:

Checking our phones has become a constant in our lives. In addition to checking their phones more frequently during the day, 93% of smartphone owners have looked at their phones within three hours of waking up. For 18-24 year olds, that number is 97%.


When asked how often people used their phones to make an in-store payment, in 2014 5% responded that they had done it at least once. In 2015, 5% of respondents said they do it once a week.


  • Mobile payments at Walmart

Walmart have released their own mobile payment platform instead of using Apple or Google’s existing solutions.


  • Consumers Unhappy With Holiday Retail Experience: 23% Buy Via Their Smartphone When In Store

Some strange findings in this report, which found that 23% of people buy via their phone while in the physical store they are buying from online.

Tune in to hear more interesting stats from this report.

  • Global Mobile Advertising Will Overtake Desktop in 2018

Global mobile advertising continues to grow at a rapid pace. Unsurprisingly it is expected to overtake desktop advertising in 2018.


  • Popular Apple TV apps only making $100/day

Developers that moved quickly to get apps into the Apple TV store have been largely disappointed with early revenues. While top apps in the iOS app store are making 6 to 7 figures per day, the top apps on tvOS are only making about $100/day.

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