App Business News – 2 November 2015

Mobile App News

We just wrapped up another mobile app business news roundup recording live on This week’s topics to help you catch up on the latest happenings in the mobile app space include:

  • Podcasts are coming to Google Play music! They should be live in the next few weeks and we’ll also be listing the ABP there when it’s live. This completes the offerings from Google Play, which was notably missing a podcast section until now.
  • ‘New’ app monetization method rewards for players giving their email address. This one is interesting because the monetization and advertising is done via email rather than in-app.

  • Apple is starting to allow users to pay for iTunes purchases and IAP’s through carrier billing. Another measure to further remove friction and make it easier to buy things using their phones. Interesting possibilities in developing markets where credit cards are not as common.

  • Apple and Samsung both released their latest earnings reports. Basically Apple surprised with higher than expected earnings, driven by growth in China. Samsung on the other hand came in under expectations.

  • Google notes that 40% of Google searches return app indexed results. This just emphasises the point that app developers need to remember Google search as a discovery method and include indexing wherever possible.

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