App Business News – 21 Dec 2015

Mobile App News

In this week’s app business news roundup we looked at the outlook for apps and advertising in 2016. We also shared our thoughts on what will be big in 2016 and what will remain hype.

Here are the news items we covered:

  • Rumors of Apple looking for acquisition targets. GoPro might be on the shopping list

Apple have a $200bn cash reserve and everyone is wondering how they will spend it.


  • App Annie highlight the rise of retail apps

Android outpaces iOS retailer growth (app installs) in USA. iOS still leads in UK


  • App Annie 2016 Outlook

App Annie share their insights on what to expect from 2016 in mobile. Google Now on Tap, eSports, messaging apps, productivity apps and VR all get a mention


  • Mobile Ads Outlook

We discussed the mobile ads outlook for 2016 on the back of an article from MobileAdvertisingWatch


  • App Dev Trends

A look at the upcoming mobile app developer trends

  • Startup ‘Gigster’ aims to change the way we get apps built. Send them the idea, they send back the app. No hiring, coding, project management.

Gigster promises to make the mobile app creation process easier and more automated. Tune in to hear how.


  • Our Thoughts for 2016

Listen to the full episode to hear what we thing will be big in 2016 and what will be all hype.

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