App Business News – 23 Nov 2015

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We’re continuingĀ our live weekly app business news roundups on, and they continue to get better each week! This week we were luck to be joined by ‘Hit Tennis’ creator Mark Johnson who provided some interesting insights. Mark even jumped on the live video stream for a chat after we finished recording, so those who were there live really got more than they were expecting!

If you want to come along for the live recording next week, just head over to at 4pm PST on Thursday. Search for ‘Chidgey’ and you’ll find the stream.

And here is what we covered in this weeks app business news:

Smaato report – Mobile advertising soars in developing countries

The latest report from Smaato showed that mobile advertising inĀ Latin America and the Asia Pacific region continues to soar. Venezuela and Indonesia both showed 80% plus growth in digital advertising revenue.


Apple updates iOS search algorithm

This is big news for any publisher with apps in the Apple App Store. The latest algorithm change that happened on November 3 has seen most apps ranking for new keywords and big changes in rankings for both keywords as well as category rankings. It seems like most people are still in the dark on exactly what changed, including the industry leading ASO companies who have been very quiet on the issue.

Sensortower have provided some early insights into the changes here:


Mobile chrome doubles from 400m to 800m in 12 mths

Over the last 12 months Google Chrome use has doubled to a massive 800m monthly sessions. This demonstrates the increasing dominance of mobile when it comes to accessing the web, as well as the continued adoption of Android devices in developing nations.


Google indexes Facebook mobile app

An interesting move from Google, who are now indexing the Facebook mobile app in Google search results. This seems like a strange move from Google, who obviously have a vested interested in keeping on the web rather than in apps.


Google allows for using app w/o installing (app streaming)

Another strange piece of news with Google seemingly allowing people to access mobile app features without installing the app. There isn’t too much about exactly what this is or how it works, but it seems that deep-linking technology is at the centre of it.


Google Play now allows apps and IAP prices to be set to less than $0.99 in 17 countries.

With Google Play continuing to be the platform of choice in rapidly developing economies, Google has reduced the minimum price of apps and IAP’s below $0.99 in 17 countries. This seems to be recognition of the difference in currency values in particular nations, and gives mobile app developers more pricing flexibility.

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