App Business News – 30 Nov 2015

Mobile App News

This week in our mobile app business news roundup we discuss the gender gap in mobile game genres, Apple Pay, ad blocking, CPI data & much more.

Here is the full list of topics we covered this week:

  • Square, the mobile payment processor starts accepting Apple Pay. The new Apple Pay reader means retailers can accept Apple Pay payments from people on the go.

  • In a closely related news item, Apple have announced that Apple Pay will be launching in China in February 2016.

  • New data highlights the gender split for mobile game genres. There weren’t too many surprises here, but still some very interesting data on just how big the gender gap is for some genres.

  • Latest Fiksu Data for October 2015 has been released. This month it highlights the continually increasing cost-per-install, as well as a large jump in the number of iOS downloads.

  • Brick & mortar retailers are stepping up their mobile apps to encourage customers to use them more often in-store.

  • More discussion on ad blocking. This article discusses why publishers, don’t need to worry about ad blocking and offers a way to counter existing ad blocking mechanisms.

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