App Business News – 7 Dec 2015

Mobile App News

This week in our mobile app business news roundup we take a look at how Facebook are making it easier to log in to apps on the Apple TV, Snapchat’s announcement regarding deep-linking, Black Friday sales data & more.

Here is the full list of topics we covered this week:

Facebook releases AppleTV SDK. Allows FB login, sharing etc.

  • The interesting thing to note here is that it uses a different login method to make things easier on TV. Users don’t need to enter their full Facebook username & password. Instead they can get a code sent to their mobile phone, and enter that instead.
  • This helps make logging in to services using a TV remote much easier and will help improve the onboarding experience for lots of apps.


iOS 9 adoption hits 70% in November

  • iOS 9 adoption rates continue to climb. Unlike iOS 8 which where adoption was relatively slow for an iOS release, iOS 9 is being adopted rather quickly.


Google ads can now stream app demos

  • We originally covered Google’s announcement about live-streaming apps in this episode. Basically it allows users to view in-app content without having to download the app.
  • Now Google have taken this a step further and have created Google ads that allow streaming of app demos in the ad itself! This means users can interact with the ad & test an app before actually downloading it.


Snapchat opens up deep-linking for publishers

  • Snapchat continues to look for ways to support publishers & keep users inside the service. They have just announced a new feature that uses deep links to bring users from the web directly to pieces of content inside Snapchat.
  • This is just another example of how deep-linking continues to be rapidly adopted and will become increasingly important in 2016 and beyond.


Interesting data from IBM about Black Friday ecommerce

  • The data confirms the growth of mobile as a popular ecommerce platform
  • Here are a few interesting points that we discussed:
    • Tablets Out Spend Desktops – Tablet users had an average order value of $136.42 compared to desktops which had an average of $134.06.
    • Smartphones shoppers dominate device of choice. Smartphones accounted for 44.7 percent of all online traffic, 3 and a half times that of tablets at 12.5 percent. Smartphones drove 20.6 percent of online sales (up nearly 75 percent over 2014) versus tablets at 15.5 percent.


USA Today report on Cyber Monday ecommerce sales

  • Cyber Monday showed similar results to Black Friday, with mobile growth continuing to be a big focal point.
  • Mobile traffic accounted for nearly half of all online traffic and 27.6% of all online sales Monday, which is up more than 25% from last year, according to IBM Watson Trend, which tracks millions of transactions on retail websites.
  • Online sales increased 17.8% Monday compared to the same day in 2014, IBM says.
  • Consumers made bigger-ticket purchases on desktop, though, with an average order value of $128 vs. about $102 on smartphones.



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