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In this episode of the App Business Podcast, Andrew and Chris review App SEO, after discovering Google is driving the majority of traffic and installs from web search for one of Chris’ apps.  

When we were reviewing the new Apple App Analytics in a recent episode, we discovered that for one of Chris’ apps, Google was driving more than 500 downloads a day.  We introduced and discussed the topic further in our mastermind and found most of the indexing and ranking was coming from the description from the app’s iTunes app listing page.  It looks like creating a description for conversion in the app store, and indexation for Google (or web) search can be a smart mobile app marketing strategy and pay off handsomely.

Show Notes

Web Search w/ Chris’ app

App SEO Example

Brian Dean of Backlinko – a right-to-the-point resource of information in SEO that works.  Backed by step by step examples, case studies, data and insight.

LSI Keywords – App SEO keywords can be found using Google’s Keyword planner and by referencing Backlinko’s LSI Keyword strategy.

iOS 9 and Android M – search indexing coming soon

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