25% of the devs working on this type of app make $100k+ per month

How to Make an App

In this episode of the App Business Podcast, Andrew and Chris review the latest report from Vision Mobile, the State of Developer Nation Q3 2015

New Developer Economics Q3 2015 Report:  vmob.me/DE3Q15AppBusinessPodcast

  • Surveys over 13,000 Devs
  • Aims to build a comprehensive model of the software industry

Key Findings:  

  • lack of female devs (6% of respondents)
  • windows support of various languages (as opposed to Java/Objective C) is asset
  • Android is essential (for any revenue model not based predominantly on in-app purchases)
  • 37% of mobile devs target both iOS & Android and they are expecting this figure to grow
  • IoT is focused on existing hardware for smarthome (hardware is hard and expensive) software is lower barrier, although they are building solutions w/o a defined audience (tinkering?) – and that’s 50% of mobile dev report dev for IoT
  • 50% of mobile ecom devs make over $10k mth.  25% over $100k

The eCommerce opportunity in Mobile

The math of ecommerce apps:

$100 item, margin of 5% (affiliate), 25% (retailer) or 50% (if you own the product), = $5-50.  Sell anything once to a mobile user and we are talking LTVs of at least $5-$50 per user.

Examples – from most value to least:

  • ReMix
  • Macy’s
  • Amazon

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