Ethical Mobile App Monetization

Mobile App Marketing

Kanye West recently had an outburst on Twitter against mobile apps with in-app purchases targeted towards children. In this episode decided to dig deeper into the ethical issues that come with mobile app monetization, particularly when it comes to kids apps.

Some of the key discussion points:

  • Should IAP’s exists in apps that are directed towards children?
  • If not, how should developers monetize their apps (ads are often also frowned-upon)?
  • Where is the line drawn as far as age is concerned?
  • Is Kanye a hypocrite considering his wife made millions from an app with IAP’s that’s made for under-18 year olds?
  • There are parental controls in iOS that allow parents to disable IAP’s. Is that enough?

We referenced a few different articles in this episode. Here they are:

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