Facebook M – A New Type of Personal Digital Assistant

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Facebook have just announced a new personal digital assistant that they are calling ‘Facebook M’. It’s built right into Facebook Messenger and is a truly unique offering that will apply serious pressure to it’s competitors in the digital assistant & messaging space. We take a look at what makes this such a unique new tool, how Facebook have achieved it and what we think it means for the future.

We discussed an entertaining TechCrunch article discussing ‘M’ – you can read that here.

The biggest difference between Facebook M and existing personal digital assistants like Siri and Google Now is that M has real people behind it. So not only can it do all of the same things as Siri & Google Now using AI, but you can ask M to do things like find a birthday present for a relative and a real person on the other end will go ahead and do that for you.

What’s the reason behind Facebook releasing M? At the moment there’s no sign of it being monetized in any way, but will it be in the future? We discussed a few possible reasons that Facebook might be going down this path.

No matter how you look at it, with the acquisition of WhatsApp and the continual improvements we are seeing to Messenger, Facebook is making serious moves in the mobile messaging space.

Where to from here? Best guess seems to be that Facebook will attempt make the personal digital assistant more digital as time goes by. The human element of the system makes M expensive and not very scalable, so we think Facebook will add more & more features to the AI side of M while reducing the amount of human interaction required on their side.


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