Fiksu CPI Index May 2015

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Reviewing the Fiksu CPI Index for May 2015

Chris and Andrew review the latest Cost per install (CPI) data from Fiksu, which included some surprising results for both iOS and Android installs.

Show Notes:

Fiksu CPI Index May

The Cost Per Install Index (CPI), which measures the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising, fell to $1.46 on iOS, a decrease of 31 percent since April and 3 percent since last year. On Android, however, CPI continued upward to $2.33, increasing 12 percent month over month and 93 percent year over year.

On the volume side, app install volume fell 17 percent from 8.1 million to 6.7 million in May.

Multiple factors influenced the decline in download volume this month, including, among other things, Apple’s adjustments to the games section of the App Store. While addressing the discoverability problem and spreading downloads across a larger pool of apps, those downloads outside of the top 200 fell outside the scope of the indexes.

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