Games That Last In The Top App Charts

Mobile App Analytics

In this episode we check out a report from App Annie – ‘Stayin’ Alive: Games That Last in the Charts‘. This report looks at some often overlooked statistics behind the apps that make the top app charts.

  • The report looked at data from nearly 20000 games on iOS & Google Play. The sample was taken from among the ‘top-performing apps on both stores’.
  • Some interesting questions are answered like:
    • How long does it take games to hit their peak (both in terms of revenue & downloads)?
    • What’s the typical lifespan of a game in the top app charts (the timeframe for which it generates meaningful revenue)?
    • When do games hit certain milestones like 1m downloads & $1m in revenue?
  • Some surprising results when comparing iOS & Google Play, particularly when looking at the earnings distribution curves.
  • How can you use this data to move your business forward?


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