How To Get More Leads and Customers with Alex Berman

Mobile App Marketing

Today’s interview is with Alex Berman, chief marketing sumo at InspireBeats. Alex shares some great insights into how you can generate more leads and get more paying customers for your business. This is particularly relevant if you’re in the B2B app space. Once you have prospects on the phone, it’s relatively easy to make the sale. Getting them to agree to a phone call is the hard part, and Alex shares tons of great tips for doing that in this interview.

Alex shares actionable tips on how to:

  • Identify who your ideal target is.
  • Finding who to contact & how to actually contact them.
  • Moving from an email conversation to a phone call.
  • Find new prospects efficiently. This is super important! If you’ve ever tried to do manual outreach you will understand how time consuming it can be.
  • Avoid spamming by doing some research first.

The discussion also dives into what a B2B sales process looks like compared to a B2C sales process & what you should expect. It really is vastly different and much longer than your standard B2C sales process, so being prepared and having reasonable expectations around that is really important.

Alex also shares some numbers around what is considered a good conversion rate on cold outreach to email, and then email to phone conversation.

There really is a lot of valuable information in here for anyone interested in the B2B space. To listen to this episode now on iTunes, click here:

InspireBeats provide done-for-you lead generation. Their services include finding qualified leads for your business and sending you the details every month. They also offer packages where they find the qualified leads, handle the outreach and book phone calls with each lead for you!

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