'Hey Siri' Apple Event Roundup

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We discuss all of the announcements from the latest Apple event – ‘Hey Siri’. There were tons of new product announcements that will have huge impacts across the app development and publishing community. Some were expected, some were a surprise. Tune in for all of the details and our thoughts on each one. This is a longer episode than usual but there was a lot to talk about and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s each of the topics we discussed:

  • Apple Watch OS2 – The first ‘real’ version of the Apple Watch OS. This one opens up the whole range of sensors built into the watch to developers. It also allows for stand alone Watch apps. Both of these things should mean we see some very interesting new apps for the Apple Watch very soon as developers get creative.
  • Ipad Pro + Apple Pencil – An all new 12.9 inch iPad that appears to directly target users looking for a portable laptop replacement. This should help Apple move into even more enterprise and business environments. A direct competitor to Microsoft’s Surface range of tablets. Apple also announced the Pencil, an accessory designed specifically for the iPad pro. This one got a chuckle from the crowd when it was announced, but after seeing the video most people seemed impressed by what Apple came up with.
  • A brand new Apple TV – This one is huge for developers because Apple is finally opening up the Apple TV to third party apps! With the new TVOS, app developers and publishers will be able to create apps that run on the Apple TV device. Obviously this opens up a world of new opportunities for those in the mobile app business. Some other notable features include Siri remote, universal search and, wait for it… screensavers!
  • New iPhones – As expected, Apple announced the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. These will have the new 3D touch technology, allowing users to interact with the devices in a new way. We can’t wait to see what developers do with 3D touch. The other big feature we are interested in is Live Photos. These are 3 second videos that capture audio as well.
  • Other small announcements – We also discussed a few other announcements like cheaper iCloud and new iPad mini’s.


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