How To Improve The Mobile App Onboarding Experience

Mobile App Marketing

This episode is a good follow-up after our recent chat about increasing retention. In this episode you’ll learn what we mean by ‘onboarding’, how it helps you monetize apps more effectively and how you can improve the onboarding experience in your own apps.

Here’s the list of what we cover:

  • Understanding the end goal, or action that you want your users to complete. This could be making an IAP, sharing the app via social etc.
  • Starting to get into the mindset of asking yourself how to move users towards that goal.
  • Building an onboarding process that increases retention while encouraging users to take the steps required to reach the end goal.
  • We also discussed some interesting statistics that support the case for designing a good onboarding experience. These numbers emphasise how important it is to have an onboarding process that guides new users to making an IAP (if that’s your end goal) on day 1. Here are the numbers:
    • 58% of purchasers made that purchase within 1 day of installing the app.
    • 55% percent of those people who completed an IAP went on to complete a second IAP within the first 14 days.
    • and 25% percent of them went on to complete 5 IAP’s in the first 14 days of using the app.
  • All of the points we make about onboarding apply to both games and non-game apps.
  • And if you are looking for ideas on how you can build a great onboarding experience for your app, check out this list:


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