Interview with Seeds Founder and CEO Rachel Cook

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Today we’re speaking with Rachel Cook, founder & CEO of tech startupĀ Seeds.

Seeds is an incredibly interesting new platform that creates a real win-win-win situation for mobile app developers, entrepreneurs in developing countries, and Seeds.

Seeds helps ‘compel spending on mobile through the power of social good’. Or put another way, they help you sell more in-app purchases by contributing part of the IAP cost to micro-loans that help entrepreneurs in developing countries. App users are more inclined to complete an in-app purchase if they know a portion of the money is contributing to social good, so they end up buying more stuff.

We haven’t seen anything like this before. You really need to listen to the entire interview to get an idea of how powerful this might be for developers. Download the episode now to learn more about Seeds.

You can also learn more over at their website,

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