iOS 9 Developer Preview

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In this episode of the App Business Podcast, Andrew and Chris provide an iOS 9 Developer preview.

What’s New & What Does It Mean For App Developers?  We start with a few links to learn more, and move to 4 of the biggest features or enhancements likely to affect mobile app publishers and developers.

Show Notes

iOS 9 public beta released last week

Final version due for release in the fall

Key changes & how they affect app developers/publishers

Multitasking for iPad

  • Can have 2 apps open side-by-side on an ipad.
  • Will be great for productivity & utility apps because people can use them more efficiently.
  • Developers need to make sure their app is efficient & doesn’t hog resources. iOS automatically quits the app using the most memory if it comes under pressure.


  • Incredible opportunities for discovery for Apple developers and publishers
  • Search results will be able to find content within your app even if the user doesn’t have it installed. They are then given the option to download your app. Example (from Apple): You have an app that helps with minor medical conditions. A user searches for “Sprained Ankle” and your app appears in the results even though they don’t have it installed. They can then easily install your app from the search results.
  • Also indexed in web content. So if a user searches in Safari, content in your app can appear in results.
  • Developers need to make some changes to adopt Search. New API’s & frameworks that they need to use.
  • Adopting these APIs appropriately can improve the relevancy and ranking of the results related to your app. To give users the best search experience, the system measures how often users interact with app content and with Search and Safari results. iOS computes relevancy and ranking using information such as:
    • The frequency with which users interact with search results
    • The time it takes your app to activate, handle a deep link, and present relevant content after a user taps a search result
    • The reputation of your website (when appropriate)

News App

  • Apple are introducing their own Flipboard Style news app in iOS 9.
  • Opportunities for content producers to gain exposure & a front and centre position on millions of devices.

Performance & battery life improvements

  • Looks like this will help speed up older devices. That will work in the favor of developers with apps that are currently a bit sluggish on old devices.
  • Smaller size for iOS means more storage, especially on 16gb devices. That means more room for apps.

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