How Marketers Should Approach Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile App Marketing

In this episode of the ABP we took a look at some slides from a recent Google conference called the ‘Mobile Leadership Program’.

At the conference Google shared lots of data and stats that formed a view about how marketers should approach mobile marketing strategies.

There are 5 slide decks in total, which add up to a lot of information to consume. As always, we’ve aimed to distill it down and present the most interesting points for you.

Here are some of the main talking points in this episode:

  • 41% of executives report making a business purchase of over $5,000 from a mobile device. That’s a lot bigger than we expected!
  • Some amazing stats from Google Play including
    • 60% of apps have never been downloaded
    • 20% are only used once after installation
    • 95% of apps are abandoned within a month
  • The top 7 reasons why people uninstall apps
  • A nice overview of how remarketing works (Google centric view)

Plenty of insights in here about mobile marketing strategies that we hadn’t seen before, so we think you will find lots of value in this episode.

And here are the slides if you would like to check them out

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