Mobile User Acquisition – Email vs Social

Mobile App Marketing

When it comes to mobile user acquisition there are a LOT of different methods available. Two of the lowest cost and often most effective methods are email and social media. But which one should you be focusing on?

In this episode of the App Business Podcast we discuss the pros and cons of each. We also get into where and when we think each of these methods is best used.

The article that triggered this discussion came from Venturebeat and you can find it here:

Here’s a quick overview of the discussion:

  • Email tends to have higher conversion rates & the users acquired through email generally have a higher LTV.
  • But email requires a large mailing list for it to work properly. This is usually a luxury that most startups don’t have.
  • Social seems like more of a volume play. You can reach a larger audience but conversion rates are lower and so is LTV.
  • Social is often the preferred method for startups over email because it’s cheap and accessible. Can also be very effective if used well.

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