How to Promote Your App for Free

Mobile App Marketing

In this episode of the App Business Podcast, Andrew and Chris identify 8 strategies for marketing your mobile app for free. 

There is the fast and more simple way – buy traffic and downloads.  And then there is the arguably harder way of building a fanbase and promoting your app – and the primary cost is time.

Show Notes

How can developers market their apps & develop mobile user acquisition strategies for new users for free? Can free channels be enough or is paid UA always necessary in 2015 and onwards?

ASO and SEO are good starts at mobile user acquisition, but what are some less common methods?

  • Landing Page / Web Site – you need a home base for your app, even if most of the ranking and traffic will go to your app listing pages on the app stores.  Plus – no limits to how you market your app here!
  • Press Outreach – building a press kit, reaching out to review sites, connecting with thought leaders.  Check out Steve P Young’s new agency that is already showing some huge wins.
  • Content marketing. You have an app that tracks spending. Write guest posts about smart financial management with a mention of your app at the end & a link to it on the app stores.

Lots of tools here:

Traction Book – guide for identifying and testing which channels work best for connecting with your target audience

Dan Norris on the App Business Podcast

Dan Norris upcoming book – Content Machine (available Aug 10th)

  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. but also new channels like Periscope, Vine, Youtube.  Use as a platform for messaging and connecting, or an amplification and distribution channel.

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