App News Roundup – Amazon Merch, Button Marketplace & More

Mobile App News

This week in Mobile app news – Amazon Merch, Button announce a new marketplace & we look at how much ads really cost end users on mobile devices.

Amazon announce ‘Merch’ – a new way to sell custom branded t-shirts through mobile apps.

  • Leverages Amazon’s position as a dominant distributor of physical goods.
  • Simply upload an image & they will produce the t-shirts & manage fulfilment.
  • A new way to monetize apps.

Button Marketplace – Deep link between apps based on user’s contextual need.

  • Users can be directed to other apps based on contextual need. Earn a cut of revenue when the user converts in the other app.
  • For example, Spotify might link to Ticketmaster for concert sales. User listens to song they like, can click a button & be taken to Ticketmaster to buy a concert ticket.

The cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites – A look at the data costs associated with loading ads on mobile.

  • 50 news web sites analyzed
  • Breakdown of page load times on mobile & page size.
  • Looks at how much of the page size is because of ads compared to content.
  • Shows how much each page costs the mobile user to load based on mobile data costs.

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