Should You Re-Think Your Position On The Mobile Web

Mobile App Marketing

We’ve all been following along as mobile apps continue to consume more of people’s time than every other channel. But is the mobile web making a comeback? According to Morgan Stanley, mobile browser traffic is 2x bigger than mobile app traffic and growing faster as well! Should you be worried?

  • Morgan Stanley recently released a report claiming that the mobile web was growing faster than mobile & recommended Google stock as a buy.
  • This was based on a report from Comscore comparing digital media consumption across different channels.
  • Morgan Stanley seemed to focus only on the number of sessions and ignored the time spent in mobile web vs. apps.
  • Apps dominate when it comes to session length.
  • Clearly apps drive higher engagement.
  • Then Distilled came in and provided a great analysis on the data. Finding several issues with the Morgan Stanley report.


Articles mentioned in this episode:

Comscore Report –

Morgan Stanley Report 

Distilled –



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