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The App Business Podcast is a 3x weekly podcast designed for mobile app developers, designers, publishers, marketers, agencies and other mobile app service providers who are focused on growing their mobile app business or practice.

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If you are brand new to mobile and building a mobile app business or individual mobile apps – these are a few good episodes to start with.

If you are like many of the listeners in the #ABP community – you have been involved in mobile for some time, and are trying to keep up with this fast moving industry.  Some of these episodes may feel dated – but take a look at these broader discussions on mobile industry direction and emerging technologies around mobile:

Something like 50% of mobile apps have ZERO analytics, none.  Don’t let that be you.  Take a deep dive with us into mobile app analytics with our 3 part series here:

Want to hear from thought leaders in reviews and rankings, ASO, managing agencies, building services for mobile app developers and those all-stars that are making big things happen in the mobile industry? – check out our featured guests episodes:

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