Tasnim Ahmed – An Indie App Developer Success Story

Mobile App Development

Tasnim Ahmed is an indie app developer from Bangladesh who’s app Color Pop Effects has managed to crack the top 40 overall free apps in the USA. That’s a massive achievement by anyone’s standards!

What makes this story even better is that Tasnim is an indie developer who got there through hard work, constant learning and a great attitude. No huge marketing budget, no crazy luck, no huge company behind him.

This is a fantastic indie app developer success story that you need to listen to if you’re trying to make it in the mobile world.

Tasnim shares a ton of great info including:

  •  The attitude and mindset that helped him get to where he is.
  • How he cracked the top charts with a $0 marketing spend.
  • The interesting secret behind his beautiful app design.
  • How he has scaled and grown his small team over time.
  • We also get in to some numbers and discuss what changes helped move the needle in terms of app downloads, retention and revenue. You’ll be surprised by how small changes can make a big difference to the overall result.
  • And what’s coming next for Color Pop Effects to take it’s success even further.

I really enjoyed this interview and I’m sure you will too.

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