Is ‘Use Rate’ a Metric You Should Be Tracking?

Mobile App Analytics

Never heard of ‘use rate’ as a mobile app metric before? Neither had we. That’s why AdColony’s latest monetization study caught our interest. It focuses on making sense of Use Rate and presents a bunch of interesting data on how use rate affects revenue, session length and more.
AdColony have done a good job of presenting data that we don’t usually see in this report.

But as always it’s important not to jump to conclusions when looking at these things. Tune in to hear us dig in to what the figures really mean (or don’t!).

Here are some assumptions made in the report that we’re sure you will find interesting:

  • Higher use rate drives increased ad ARPDAU
  • Increasing use rate can increase eCPM
  • Higher use rate improves ad monetization efficiency

As far as data filled reports go this one is a bit on the lighter, easier to digest side of things. Plenty of good info for you to think about during your commute.

Read the full AdColony report: Making Sense of Use Rate


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